How does the Photo Booth work?

It’s simple to use! Your guests step into the booth, pull the curtain closed and press a button on the touch screen monitor. The booth will then automatically take 1 to 4 photos, about 5 seconds apart and then composite those photos into a pair of photo strips that will print out in about a minute. Then your guests can take both strips or optionally, the other strip is held aside for you, or put in a photo album or scrapbook.

Are there other layouts? 

Absolutely! We have three different options for the design of your prints, but the traditional 4-pose photo booth strip is the most popular. You can use our pre-defined fun templates or a 3-pose strip and you create a totally custom logo (highlighting the special event) for the bottom square (have a look in our gallery for examples).

How do I book a photo booth for my wedding reception/party/event?

The first step is to visit the Contact us tab and email us your requirements. We can confirm that we will be available on your date. Next step is to fill out one of our booking forms. This short form just asks a few questions, date, time, location and contact info. I will respond with a custom quote for your event, and we can start a conversation from there.

How much does it cost?

Short answer… our starter package is around $800 for 3 hours of unlimited booth usage. Additional time and other options can raise the price however, we are happy to quote for special events of any time.

More details about payment.

There is a $250.00 non-refundable deposit to hold your date and the balance will be due 30 days before your event. Cancellations less than 30 days before the event forfeit all monies paid. Speak to us about payment methods.

What do you mean by Unlimited Usage/Sessions?

From the time the booth is open, until the time it closes, your guests can use the booth as often as they can manage to go in and out. There are no artificial limits on the number of sessions. Of course there are physical limits to the number of sessions that can be done in a certain amount of time. The 4-pose photo session takes almost a minute from the time your guest presses the start button to the time the computer sends the final image to the printer. If everyone is quick about getting in and out of the booth, you can theoretically get 60 sessions per hour. Generally,  I have averaged anywhere from 45 – 50 sessions per hour, with a typical 3 hour event having from 100 – 140 sessions total depending on how quickly the guests got in and out of the booth. School events, especially the ones with a higher percentage of girls, use the booth the most.

 What about Unlimited Prints?

Some photo booth companies use the misleading phrases “Unlimited Photos” or “Unlimited Prints” in their sales text. They really mean “Unlimited Sessions”.

What if I want more prints for my guests?

We can have the machine print extra copies at each session. This does make the sessions a little longer and will increase the cost. Otherwise, when you get your digital copy you can print them from your own colour printer.

How much time should I rent the booth?

This all depends on the nature of your event. How long is the event? How many guests? Generally, I recommend renting the booth for the duration of the party, but 3 hours will normally suffice. I require a minimum of 4 hours on Friday & Saturday, but don’t worry, I’m always willing to stay longer as long as you’re willing to pay for the extra time ($150/hour).

What is Idle Time?

Idle time refers to the times during your event that the booth and attendant are on-site, but not in-use. If that time causes the booth and attendant to be present longer than the booking hours. For example, your guests arrive at 5PM, but the booth is not open until 7PM. That would be 2 hours of idle time. This also applies if the booth can not be removed immediately after the contracted time ends.

Why do you charge for this?

Due to the nature of portable photo booths, we do not just roll in, plug in and start taking photos. There is some set up time involved. We don’t want to inconvenience your guests by showing up in the middle of cocktail hour to set up, so our booth technician(s) will arrive one or two hours before your guests (depending on the booth options) and be set up, test the equipment and take a rest break before your guests begin showing up to the event. If the booth is to open at that time, then you don’t pay for idle time. We have to pay our attendant for time working, whether the booth is running or not, so idle time is billed at a rate that covers the attendant’s pay.

How can I reach you with other questions?

Send an email to sales@aphotobooth.com.au

Can I / How do I get reprints?

We have online photo galleries, use the password supplied to you at the event.